Last Game You Bought

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Cryostasis for PC picked it up cheap last month on amazon. But do have 2 pre orded. X rebirth and assassin's creed 4. :D

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The last game I bought was Wind Waker HD.

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Hmm, last game was Stanley Parable

Fun "game"

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Last one I bought was Pokemon Y.

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Stanley Parable. And before that, Space Base DF-9.

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Pokemon X. Peer pressure won again.

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i bought gone home and arx fatalis at once. i finished gone home and it's great (this year is really picking up as far as gaming goes). i haven't had the chance to start arx fatalis yet.

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Oddly enough, I haven't really bought a game in 9 months. And that was an indie pc simulator who's name I forgot. I mostly just download PlayStation plus games, borrow them from my friends or play my pc backlog, which is quite huge.

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GTAV ps3 on launch day. 70 hours so far offline and online and im no where close to being done with the game.

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GTA 5!

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The Wonderful 101. Getting Pokemon Y tomorrow probably.

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Hitman Absolution

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God of War III and Heavy Rain for my PS3 collection. These are the last games that I purchased.

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Last game i bought was deus ex hr, but tomorrow im buying silent hill 2, fahrenheit and shadow of the colossuss

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Beyond: Two Souls

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Bought The Wolf Among Us and pre ordered Batman Arkham Origins yesterday :)

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The Wolf Among Us and just preorderd Arkham Origins on steam

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NBA 2k14 and Pro Evolution Soccer 14

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GTA V ... just keeping busy. I've got some old games to finish up as well. Come on November! Can't wait to pick up both the new consoles. Even if a lot of games are delayed or postponed I'm still super excited!

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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Dragon's Crown

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Terraria. Never thought I would like that game, but it's fun.

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Grand Theft Auto V

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Sleeping Dogs, while it was on sale on PSN late last month.

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I'm happy to report it was Anno 1404. Before that was Hotline Miami.

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GTA V was the last one i purchased.

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Nuclear Throne on Steam, fun little game!

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Not including next gen preorders my last purchase was Metro Last Light.

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Grand Theft Auto V

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Beyond two souls. Still haven't touched it yet.

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@EvilSelf said:

GTA V was the last one i purchased.

U like GTA mate.

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I guess Sonic Lost World.

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Downloaded Hotline Miami but haven't tried it yet, but with a PS Plus discount in was something like £2.50 which is a ridiculously low price for what I hear is a fantastic game.

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Downloaded Hotline Miami but haven't tried it yet, but with a PS Plus discount in was something like £2.50 which is a ridiculously low price for what I hear is a fantastic game.

I loooove Hotline Miami

last game I bought was Fallout: New Vegas

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NBA 2k14

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Disgaea D2. No surprises, but its arguably the best game in the series (certainly boasts the best graphics) and the return of Laharl, Etna and Flonne is welcome.

I am on my third playthrough (lose to the wrong boss you get an alternate ending and are then thrown to the beginning of the game). Like all gamers, I save religiously, but I accept it when I find an alternate ending the hard way.

Word of warning to anyone considering getting D2, fans will likely enjoy it, but there is a nasty bug which freezes during some of the more elaborate combat animations every so often. When you're in the middle of a story battle (where you saved ten minutes ago) that's not a big deal but when you are in the middle of an item world run through (with the last save being two hours ago) its intensely frustrating. Until D2 is patched, all but the most dedicated should steer clear or turn off or skip the animations when playing.

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RDR goty. Looking forward to starting it.

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Just got Pokemon Y, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, Puppeteer and Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness.

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I bought mass effect 3 at wal-mart for $10. I haven't played it yet. I also bought pokemon x

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@sukraj said:

@EvilSelf said:

GTA V was the last one i purchased.

U like GTA mate.

Yeah, it was a good game. I still havent played the Online feature.