Lagging while ping and fps are fine

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Well title says it all, I have smooth fps and normal ping (30-50) but game is still lagging, every minute or so it just lags for 3-4 seconds goes back to normal and after a minute or so lags again.
It is realy frustrating, does anyone know how to fix this?

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sounds like server side lag. Ping just tracks how quickly you communicate with their servers, but if the server is jammed up, it can't process the game as quickly, regardless of how fast you can receive the signal on your end, so the game will hang.

Need more information. If you can play the game in an offline mode, do that and see if you still get these spikes. If so, it's probably something with how the game is interacting with your hardware. If it doesn't hang at all, then it's probably just server side lag, which you really can't do much about from your end.