kof xiii or blazblue extend which is better

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I like to know that I am going to buy. I have a ps3.
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I recommend Blazblue. Not that I'm not a huge KoF fan (which I am), but KoF is kinda still the same game just rehashed. If you like the KoF Storylines and the 3 player matches, it's still a great series. However, Blazblue totally kills in the on-line aspect. It also has the Abyss mode from the portable version, which is awesome!
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KOF 13. Better Fighting game mechanics, much better balanced, very fun gameplay, fun tournaments and very active online (I highly recommend going to Dreamcancel.com if you get KOF 13), and just an overall better game. Blazblue is more out there but still fun. I'll say, if you like really wacky fighters or just want quick spurts of fun, get Blazblue but if you're into fighting game mechanics and technical play, KOF is the game hands down. Both are good but I recommend KOF over Blazblue. Youtube them both to see which more suits your type of fighting style.
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If you are new to fighting games, don't get either. Start with something easy to play hard to master like Street Fighter, MVC, or SFxT. If you already have experience in the fighting game genre, then it's all a matter of opinion. We can't really tell you which game is better. I'm going to give some facts and you pick whatever you like more. - They're both kind of dead online. But BlazBlue definitely has a lot more players that you can meet online than KOF. - King of Fighters has a lot more characters than Blazblue. - The uniqueness of ever character in Blazblue is more than KOF. ( not saying that all KOF characters are similar, but you won't be able to see the difference between two characters until you master the game. The same way you can't see the difference between Ryu and Ken unless you learn how to play Street Fighter ) These are just the clear ones. I play Blazblue at this moment and I used to play a lot of KOF, even titles that weren't released in the US like neowave ( my favorite KOF game by the way ). So there ya go. But which game is better is really nothing more than an opinion. Watch some gameplay footage and go for whatever you think suits you best. Don't even think about going after which storyline is better. They're fighting games, they're always gonna suck.
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Heh, I don't see why our opinions on the two should influence your purchase. You should look up both games on Youtube, watch good players play them, and go with what appeals to you more (What characters you like more, cooler moves, art style, etc.).

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get em both :) they both offer radically different approaches to the fighting genre. Because of this, learning to play both will actually improve your 2d fighting skills, even between both games. For example, learning kof 13 can help improve your awareness of "footsies" in blazblue, but learning blazblue can improve matchup awareness etc.

It is important to recognize that both are incredibly different, therefore, going from one to the other can make you feel that the newer game might feel incredibly awkward.

If you stick with both, you will find that BOTH are extremely FUN AND REWARDING fighting games, but both provide completely different tactile, tactical, visual, and cerebral experiences. It just may take a while to see and understand the beauty of both games, and one game may be easier for you to see its beauty.