Kingdom Hearts 3

Posted by FakeMythology (43 posts) 8 months, 14 hours ago

Poll: Kingdom Hearts 3 (10 votes)

Excited 100%
Worried 0%
Indifferent 0%

Wondering what people think about the upcoming KH I still play the old ones timeless classics in my own opinion.

#1 Posted by blamix (204 posts) -

Hope it will be as great as KH2,

#2 Edited by CrimsonBrute (23597 posts) -

I'm psyched for it. I hope the it lives up to the hype.

#3 Posted by benleslie5 (7877 posts) -

Waited since 2007 for Kingdom Hearts III just hope it has new Disney worlds

#4 Posted by Archangel3371 (15743 posts) -

Very excited for it.

#5 Posted by spike6958 (4837 posts) -

It should be great, but I'm worried about them possibly adding Marvel and Star Wars into the series. I don't think they'll fit, the only recent addition I think that could work would be Indiana Jones.

#6 Edited by Minishdriveby (10030 posts) -

Honestly I just hope they don't recycle worlds. Unfortunately, based on the previous 5 entries in the series; I cannot get my hopes up.

#7 Posted by BranKetra (48765 posts) -

I am excited for Kingdom Hearts III. I and II have fun battle systems. I hope Kingdom Hearts III has plenty of fun and some serious moments like the first two main games.

#8 Posted by Netret0120 (2206 posts) -

I hope it takes the gameplay of KH2 with the Master roles and exciting combat with the serious storyline of KH1. I am genuinely hyped for it