Jason Momoa: I would consider playing Kratos

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#1 Posted by mufaa (957 posts) -

Jason Momoa said he would like to play Kratos from God of War if Sony approached him with the movie.


I think he is a good choice!

#2 Posted by kyacat (4132 posts) -
I have to agree and hope Jason Momoa get to play Kratos
#3 Posted by Boddicker (3059 posts) -
I tried thinking of someone better but could not. Jason Momoa is the obvious choice for Kratos, though I don't want to admit it. Maybe look at bodybuilders for the next Kratos. It worked for Arnold in Conan............
#4 Posted by Lief_Ericson (7082 posts) -

He would definitely look the part if he shaved his head.

#5 Posted by tryagainlater (7445 posts) -

I never thought about him for the part but it sounds like a good choice. Decent actor, he was great in Game of Thrones.