Is there any old school style RPG games out there for xbox 360?

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#1 Posted by elnarcisso (4 posts) -
I miss the old school RPG's like chrono trigger, FF7, star ocean etc., and want to know if anyone knows any games like these available for 360??
#2 Posted by Dracula68 (33109 posts) -

Star Ocean is.

#3 Posted by random991 (986 posts) -
I think Tales Of Vesperia is a great game too.You could say that It has an old school style
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#5 Posted by Jimmy2Crack (1 posts) -
Here are some that I own for my 360 and would recommend for an old school JRPG fan, most of these games can be picked up for 30 or less also. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales Of Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery, Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean The Last Hope, Eternal Sonata, The Last Remnant. I've enjoyed playing all of these some more than others but you definitley cannot say that the XBOX 360 has been neglected in the JRPG genre.