Is the Witcher 2 enhanced edition...

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a hard game?

Thanks folks!

#2 Posted by Blueresident87 (5336 posts) -

Yes it is difficult, but it's all about paying attention and utilizing every ability/item availalble to you. It has a steep learning curve but the game is very balanced.

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Get this game! It is awesome. Who care if the gameplay is a little challenging. It isn't the hardest game or anything. Give it a shot!

#4 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (18291 posts) -
On the normal setting, not really. There's a spell you can pretty much spam that makes you invincible for a brief period
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The hardest difficulty has a few tricky spots but other than that no i found it a breeze for the most part especially if you make good use of spells and or potions

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You can change the difficulty setting from easy to murderously difficult whenever you want. There's also a tutorial that will help you determine an initial difficulty if you're not sure.
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its a little tough the first half of the game then it almost becomes too easy

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Some people consider it to be difficult, but I feel it actually becomes quite doable even on hard difficulty when you've learned to not simply spam the attack button.

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its a little tough the first half of the game then it almost becomes too easy


I'm rather afraid of this. I'm currently on the 1st chapter and am dearly hoping that the game will not simply allow me to spam certain strategies no matter the enemy. Part of the appeal for this game to me comes from the fact that I actually kind of feel the need to read up on certain enemies via in-game books. It's very cool. 

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The game isn't incredibly hard, but getting familiarized with the controls and the depth in the game can take some time. I hated the controls initially, and if the game wasn't so gorgeous, I'm not certain I would have continued on. Glad I did.