is the ps2 slim backwards compatible?

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i was planning on repurchasing the ps2 again but i was wondering if the slim model is compatible with PS1 games?

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yes 99.9% BC. the .1% is the game with the scratches

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Every Sony PlayStation machine plays the original system's games, even the Portable one.

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yes it is.

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Yes. It plays all but 5 PS1 games

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Yes. It plays all but 5 PS1 games

I would love to see a comprehensive list of incompatible titles. It would prevent a good deal of whining from people convinced Shadow Tower is broken. While I haven't tried to play it on the slim unit it was one of those infamous titles that the fat PS2 (and PSOne?) could not play correctly. It would load but would warp the player to random places and freeze. Be aware that some games dislike the optional features the PS2 supports when playing PS games. Smoothing will have bizarre effects on some games and others will refuse to work if faster loading is enabled. Overall the compatibility is pretty good, though. Just remember than PS games will only save on a PS card. Previously saved games on a PS card can be moved to a PS2 card, though, if you run low on space or just want to back up something important.