Is Skyrim soundtrack the best video game soundtrack??

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So my friend says elder scrolls music sucks a## but I say its the best video game music out there!!! Skyrims is the best with morrowind a close second.. Whats your guys thoughts and opinions on the elder scrolls music

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Jeremy Soule's a good composer, but I can think of better game soundtracks than Skyrim.

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It's good but nothing special, the best track (main theme) is essentially a different version of Morrowind's.
Wouldn't even add it in Top 150 tbh

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Skyrim's soundtrack is mostly bland while sometimes becoming annoying. I really really hate the main theme especially. I mute the music when I play it.

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Can't remember a single note from it, so no.

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I personally enjoy it. Its not the best video game soundtrack out there, but it is among my top five.

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Oblivion's was far better.

And the idea that an Elder Scrolls game has the best soundtrack is just hilarious.

Shadow of the Colossus, NIER, Metroid Prime, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night/Lament of Innocence, all the Halo games... there are tons with far superior soundtracks made by far superior composers.

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It's certainly very good. Best ever? Well, not for me. It has a cool theme, other than that, nothing really stands out.

I'd say MDK 2 has the best (or one of the best) soundtracks.

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Skyrim has good tracks, but it's not the best soundtrack. That honor, for me, goes to Chrono Cross.

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While Skyrim's mostly relaxing orchestrations has its moments: The Skyrim evenings, those powerful and identifiable barbaric choir hits and its most memorable for me being this one sweeping multi-textured pad), the soundtrack as a whole just never stuck out to me as compelling. It ended up just falling into the typical generic fantasy orchestration that Jeremy Soule tends to fall into.

He's had better fantasy soundtracks in his resume, notably the Icewind Dale and Guild Wars titles.

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Good but not the best.