Is Rise 3 titan lords plot connected to its prequel?

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Do i have to play Rise 2 to understand the plot of Rise 3. Is Rise 3 titan lords plot connected to its prequel, Rise 2 dark waters?

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Yes, the games shares characters and locations from Risen 2.

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Only loosely. You'll follow the plot without playing the other games.

You play as a completely different hero this time around, which helps.

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@Planeforger: but will i be able to understand the plot of Risen 3 without buying Risen 2?

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@Shmiity: and what about the plot of Risen 2? do i have to play Risen 1 to understand Risen 2 as well?

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You don't have to play Risen 2. Risen 3 has a far better story-line and is a far better game in general.

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@alim298: but is the story of Risen 2 connected to Risen 3? and if so will i be able to follow Risen 3 without playin Risen 2

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Let's put this another way: I didn't play Risen 2. I'm following the story of Risen 3 without any problems.

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@Planeforger: and did u have to read the plot of risen 2 anywhere?