Is it just me or are the Prince of Persia games hard?

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I decided to give Prince of Persia Sands of Time a playthrough but there was this one point in the game where I could just not progress because the enemies kept attacking me in waves and some of the puzzles were a bit of pain. Am I the only one who has experienced this or are the games pretty hard.

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the combat is the weakest part of the Sands of Time, but I feel everything else is great, especially the characters, enjoy them while you can, you'll never see the same prince or the same Farrah after the first sands of time game
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It's only hard during some combat parts, you can get easily surrounded and get your butt kicked. But the puzzles (apart from one, with the moon symbols or something like that) are fairly easy, so is the platforming.
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The combat in the first sucks compared to the others, which makes it mroe artificially challenging. Aside from that no it's not a hard game. The last two are easier than the first because of the combat and the fact that the Sands of Time guage doesn't reset every time you get more sand.

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It wasn't that bad, and I'm the type who rage-quits easy. The hardest was the first time I had to wall jump back and forth multiple times. That took me forever. After like a million tries, I finally found my rhythm.
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Nah,atleast not The Sands of Time.

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The SOTs trilogy and the 2008 one aren't difficult. But they are great games.

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I think it's just you. I certainly didn't find The Sands of Time that hard at all. It was challenging, but not hard.

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I used to struggle with the original on my Atari ST
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Having only played the original Prince of Persia on a monochrome Apple laptop and an NES and then Sands of Time...Sands of Time is nothing in comparison to the original in terms of difficulty.

I did find combat to be a pain because of the camera angles, though; sometimes the camera would just whip right around and reverse your controls in the middle of the fight or rotate to an area that prevents you from seeing yourself and stay locked there. That's really my only complaints with the game's difficulty, but it happened so often that I gave up on it.

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a bit frustrating but if i can beat it, anyone can. im not that good when it comes to difficult action its passable

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The originals were wayyyyyyyyyy harder than the newer ones.
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Echoing that the original games were WAAAAAAAAAAAAY harder.


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It is just the jumping mechanics and puzzles that can be a pain. They are platformers so the jumpy bits are going to be iffy at times. The first Playstation Prince of Persia had a horrid camera. But Death by Camera wasn't possible. Since you didn't actually die. All Prince of Persia games have the you have to patient with.

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Sands of Time gets pretty hard because of the sections with really long waves of enemies teleporting in all around you. Every game after that is much easier. Stick with it though. Sands of Time is my favorite one despite it's flawed combat.