Is Handheld First and Foremost?

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Now I've been a 3DS owner now for not all that long and although my library is limited (Zelda, Pokemon Black 2 and Street Fighter) i am thoroughly enjoying my time gaming with it. However I find i do most of my portable gaming when neither my Xbox or PC are avliable to Game on (In work, travelling, Uni and such) because when the option is presented to me i find myself more often than not reaching for my gamepad over the 3DS, as i have games i enjoy on all systems its not really a question of enjoyment i just regard my Xbox as my first port of call for my gaming fix possibly down to my history of gaming being largely based in home console gaming. 


Do any of you guys have a system you regard as your main gaiming system (Xbox in my case) while the other systems take a sideline, or are you all less institutionalised in your gaming habits than I and just play what you want when you want. 

Would anyone regard a Handheld console as their main gaming platform? 

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I just play what I want, regardless of what system they're on.

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I mainly play GBA, DS, PSP, and 3DS games these days.

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It's a bit different for me. Every other system other than DS and PC, I just use it to play the games I want. Valkyria Chronicles is on PS3, so I play it on PS3. I have all my Assassin's Creed games on PS3, so I play the newest ones on PS3 (except for AC3, I didn't have my PS3 with me at the time so I bought it on 360, might get it on PS3 later for the sake of completing the set). Red Dead Redemption is better on 360, so I bought it on 360. Wii has exclusives I want to play, so I play Wii whenever it has games to play. I played PSP a lot when I was into DJMAX and Persona 3 Portable like crazy. I really don't have a "main" machine other than DS and PC. But with PC it's kinda different that it's always online. So it's easiest for me to start playing. It also has Steam, where I have tons of friends on friends list. It also has sales (not just Steam, but other DD as well), so I tend to buy tons of games on it. So you can say PC is my "main" machine in that I play the most on it, except that it's for purely practical purposes, and it translates into that I don't dislike other systems or anything. PC is just more accessible for me, so it gets the most time. But that's about it. My other systems aren't really "whenever I don't have PC" kind of deal. I play a lot of multiplats on something other than PC as well. So the way I see it, it really isn't my "main". DS, it's really weird. I play DS pretty much everyday before going to sleep because of Pokemon. I play like 5 to 30 minutes, just doing some daily events like getting heart scales and fossils from fossil guy. Pokemon became so embedded into my life style, it's like how some people have habit of reading few pages of books before going to sleep.
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There have been several exceptions throughout the years, but my console has typically been the center of my gaming attention while at home.

2012 was different though, I was way more interested in portable gaming last year. To put things into focus, my PS3 died at the end of august last year, I didnt feel compelled to buy a new one until mid october. I was entiryly satisfied playing my VITA. Im more excited for whats coming out on the Vita and my 3ds than whats coming out on my PS3.

bought more handheld games last year than console games too

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Depends on what game I want to play.
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My gaming hierarchy based on what has the most games.



PC>>>>>>>Nintendo WiiU + 3DS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>360

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I'm drawn to my PC because I do everything on it, and it is simple to just move from this forum into a game, but the amazing 3DS games coming out lately has overpowered that.

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I usually switch from console to handheld based on what I want to play (i.e. I just got Persona 4 for my Vita, so that's a big time spender).  Plus, a handheld is nice when you're watching TV or just chillin, though I am looking forward to getting into Max Payne 3 in a few days.  So yeah, it flip-flops depending on what I want to play, which is why I hope the Vita gets less of a focus on console gaming for a handheld, as it needs to make its own way as a handheld.

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Handhelds are the main for me.

Furthermore I think SP games should be on handheld.

Consoles from now on should be only for offline multiplayer (splitscreen, etc) or motion controls. MAYBE online play. But if the game has none of those things, then it should be on handheld.

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I'm not a fan of handhelds.

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I don't see why they shouldn't be. I mainly play on consoles myself but I'd be more than ready to switch for a PSP or GBA for a while.