Is Carolyn Petit in the e3 Gamespot stream?

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If so, I'm sorry but I'm out. I plan on watching all the conferences, so I don't really feel like hearing her voice for several hours. I'm just checking beforehand. I apologise if this post offends anyone.

On a side note, Danny O'Dwyer would basically be the main reason for me watching the stream. From his last "The Point" I know that he'll be at e3, but will he a part of the group streaming the conferences?

Many thanks.

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Locking this thread might be a good idea.

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@Black_Knight_00: I 2nd that Black

This thread is screaming trolls come.

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There's only going to be pre-show and post-show commentary I believe, there won't be any during the conference itself so you can easily watch them all without any of the commentary if you prefer, the pre-shows are about 30 minutes long each judging by the start times compared to actual conference start times (which are listed here).

As for who will be doing the pre- and post-show commentaries, I don't know. Perhaps @DigitalDame or another staff member can enlighten us on that one..if not then you'll be able to find out easily enough when each pre-/post-conference commentary starts anyway. The MS conference pre-show is less than 2 hours away now.