Is Battlefield 4 (PC) still somewhat broken?

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I have a fairly decent gaming rig, and I'm looking for an FPS that can take advantage of it. Despite its arcade-ish appearance, Battlefield 4 looks fairly appealing. Apparently, the game has been plagued by a myriad of issues ranging from poor hit detection to absurdly frequent CTDs.

Many of the articles and threads I've found regarding the condition of BF4 date back to February/March, and it seems that very little had improved. Have there been any more-recent endeavors by DICE to properly patch the game, or is it a lost cause?


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I can only tell about my own experience, it will not mirror that of most I think, since Ive read truely unsetteling problems with it.

BF4 was somewhat broken for me for around a month or two, one of the problems were that the game did not Work well with my router, having the firewall in the router shut off the games sent data, resulting in a crash. - fixed after 2 months

I had a fair bit of crashes to desktop in the first month, which did not save Progress and unlocks. Mostly fixed after 2 weeks, mostly gone after a month.

Reguarding the netcode it seemed to be better then BF3 from the get go, atleast for me, still wonky but nowhere as atrocious as most people seem to experience. The update to the netcode actualy made it a tad worse, but still well within the realm of reason. So around the same as BF3.

Hit detection well... I tend to write complaints of that off as people needing an excuse for when they lose. I have not experienced alot of problems with the hit detection at all, but then the sheer amount of people complaining would make it seem atleast that it may be a very true problem for some. But since I can pretty much hit whatever I aim at, when taking drop and time into account I will have to say I have not felt any problems here (did a bit in 3). Dunno if it is the map designs having some invissible barriers that bullets tend to hit).

All of the above is just the experience of one person, perhaps I just had a Lucky hardware combination. Oh btw: I still ctd or get disconnected by the game after say, 12-14 maps, dunno if that Counts? but happens in most games, so I do not consider it a fault.