Is Age of Wushu this disappointing?

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#1 Posted by Redgone (4 posts) -
I found age of wushu like last week when I was looking for some fun new f2p game to play and saw age of wushu was a martial arts centered game so I looked through some videos of the game and thought it looked less impressive after a few videos where the combat just looked boring. especially this video: it made me think it was kinda baad, but do you think so too? does it get better later in the game or is it a tired grindy wow-clone?
#2 Posted by Bebeestyr (1 posts) -
The game is very different then most MMO you need to break a persons defense then go on the offensive. That being said the learning curve is a bitch in this game, if you have two noobs going at it then it will look like the video above. Secret from the longshot guild on blue dragon does great videos sorry don't have a link just look up Secret, age of wushu
#3 Posted by oflow (908 posts) -
its not a wow clone but yes its disappointing. the game has a lot of pay 2 win features and the translation is horrible.
#4 Posted by mewowit (1 posts) -
yea it SUX it is way too much PAY 2 WIN as well as it is full of botters hackers and gold spammers SNAIL will not IP ban them there are no GM's in game fighting is unbalanced its very buggy in critical areas some schools have the 3rd inner skills some do not because of bugs Support is a joke they act like they do not know how to do anything if they run a event where rewards are promised if you are online forget it you will not get the rewards ! and support will say "we can not verify you were online or not " yea feed me more BS any game server can look at logs file and tell me who was on when but not SNAIL in the last months players are fleeing the game because we all feel like its going to die soon so why toss $ away ! it costs real $ to do way too much EQ that you nuy for $ expires in weeks or a month buying EQ from other players takes Silver not game money so you need to buy Silver for real $ and the eq breaks or wears then it takes real$ to repair it ! overall it is a WOW clone witha few tweaks but no support or people that know how to run a game ! MY ADVICE DO NOT WASTE $ OR TIME ON IT ! i wish i could get my money and time back
#5 Posted by ColdSwedishViki (20 posts) -
I saw a video of it and thought it looked awesome. Told a friend about it, so we downloaded it and played. We deleted the game after 5 minutes. Really boring gameplay and annoying controls