Is a virtual boy worth anything?

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#1 Posted by UT_Wrestler (16378 posts) -
I have a virtual boy in my closet, still works perfectly. I have wario world, mario tennis, and red alarm for it. Would it be worth anything if I auctioned it off on ebay?
#2 Posted by riseagainst1 (1835 posts) -
The CIA might take it to use...for whatever they use it for.
#3 Posted by BuryMe (22017 posts) -
You might get something, but it's not exactly a system in high demand
#4 Posted by N8A (18602 posts) -
Eh i dont think so, but you could check e-bay. there are collectors for everything, so shop it around.
#5 Posted by famicommander (8524 posts) -
You'd probably get ~60 dollars for the whole set up.
#6 Posted by --T-Virus-- (1554 posts) -
I'd have it for collection purpose. As a system it's not worth much.. :)
#7 Posted by xmitchconnorx (2649 posts) -
it's worth a laugh, and a bad headache.
#8 Posted by Junkaaay23 (7 posts) -

I had 1 of those when I was little, it gave me a headache :(

Its cheap crap, no 1 would ever go near it.

#9 Posted by JReefer1 (898 posts) -
"It wouldn't be the fist on my list of systems I want to own". But you have a good collection, Mario Tennis catches my eye. Anyways I think it's worth something to a collector.
#10 Posted by NamelessPlayer (7729 posts) -
Hmmm...I've considered getting one of these red-and-black headache machines just to give them another chance, and also so that I'll have something to play Dragon Hopper once I get my hands on a prototype cart or a dump. (My last experience with a VB was playing Teleroboxer over eight years ago, and I don't recall any headaches; however, I hear that it takes a while before the headaches and seizures kick in.) Perhaps we can work out a deal? If it's a complete unit, I might PayPal some money your way for it.
#11 Posted by guitarman89 (1485 posts) -

Nobody would want one unless he/she was a collector. I'd just keep it. You probably wouldn't get enough in return to warrant selling it imo. If you really do want to sell it though I'd shop it around to see what kind of offers you get. I can't imagine it being worth much though.

#12 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (18788 posts) -
It's worth a punch between the ears.
#13 Posted by Yagr_Zero (27849 posts) -
You won't get much off it as the amount of people looking for it is rather small, just collectors. But you can try on ebay to see how much you can get for it.
#14 Posted by ateace3 (1188 posts) -

On eBay they are going for 60-120 dollars.