Introduction iranian game 'Extraterrestrial Armies'

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in the name of god

Iranian gaming studioRaspinahas released the first official trailer for their upcoming FPS title, Extraterrestrial Armies. E.T Armies is a first person shooter game in a unique science fiction world, designed to show Persian historical themes and rich environments. The main story of E.T Armies is a narrative case about the future human wars to provide the energy resources. Raspina aims to finish the game at the end of this year and as you can see, it features most of modern-day features such as scripted events and lens flares that can blind you. It looks interesting and those running animations were kind of sweet albeit a bit rough around the edges. Well be sure to keep an eye on it but until we have more information about it, go ahead and enjoy the first screenshots and the debut trailer from it. Special thanks to our reader Tom for spotting it!

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