Input needed on a game I'm creating.

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Hey guys, I'm creating a game (currently for Android). The game is called: Dawn of Ages (subject to change). Basically the game is a Text-Based RPG game that focuses on leveling up your character, killing monsters, and interacting with the story mode of the game. I also know that nothing like this has been done before and I would like to be the first to break the ice. Let me explain what I have so far and why I'm not sure to continue... As of now, players can choose their own Name, Race, Class, and Alignment(like a faction or what not.) You can kill up to 15 monsters(this is just the free to play version), receiving EXP and gold. I have also started working on the "Shop" in game where players can buy equipment for their chosen class. I have not started working on the story yet because I'm getting nervous that no one would even play this game. I guess what I'm asking is would any of you play a game like this on your phone? Or what are some suggestions that could help make it better? Screens: Edit: Also if anyone would be interested in maybe testing the game for their devices (Beta testing), you can contact me at: Logik.Developer(@) Also if you want to be emailed about my progress or wish to donate, just send me an email...
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Hm, looking at the game kind of reminds me of those old-school mud games from back in the days. I'll be honest, being that this will be on an Android device, I think it will have a niche group of people who would be interested at the most just from the text interface you're going for alone. That being said, this is an RPG and if the story is great, then everything else doesn't matter. So as it stands right now since you don't have the story just yet, first impression isn't the best, but with a good story for your game I think with some hard work you could be successful. Have you thought about doing a kickstarter to see just how interested people are? To me that would be the best way to kill two birds with one stone (gain more interest and also gain funding for your game). If it is successful then you know people will support your game, if not, then you know not to waste too much time. I think it would be better to do something like this than come to a random rpg message board to find out...Anyways man, I wish you nothing but success with this project!