impossible to enjoy CS:GO after playing CSS...

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like literally everything about it is worse... it looks worse it sounds worse and most importantly it PLAYS WORSE... the gun play is so oversimplified and random....feels like there is basically nothing to master in the game..... IF your new to cs or never played the older ones much i can see how it could be a good game for someone.... but for someone like me and many others in my position the game is utter trash.

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Long time CS 1.6 & CSS player here

I can very much agree with you for the most part

I too felt the same way when I got CS:GO, and in fact on top of the fact that it feels weird their are some bigger things below the surface that separate it from the earlier iterations.

but, a lot of my buddies play this version so i kept at it and as I got used to I kind of realized for the most part I was just nit-picking it feels a little bit different but, at heart it's pretty much the same game. I do have a lot fun playing it despite it's flaws If you don't have friends that actively play CS:GO and your a CS Veteran i'd say its a title you can definitely pass on. At the end of the day it's about if you can avoid the glaring BS thats staring you in the face

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I tried to like it... I really did, but it ultimately just has so much missing that made the previous games so good... to me CS:GO is just the shell of what 1.6/css was it doesnt have the insides. It has very shallow gameplay in comparison to CSs and 1.6, it just feels like some generic fps game with a cs skin mod... Its obvious to see how this happened, the team who were assigned to work on it (hidden path entertainment) really didnt have any experience with the old CS games and without that a lot of crucial gameplay elements havent been implemented into to go.

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I like the game, but I could never learn the mechanics.

To me it felt like whoever sees who first wins. That being said, I do like playing the S&D type game mode, and the ladder game mode.

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Well that is a bummer considering I just bought it for the large sum of £2.99 :P.

I never liked the look of it as soon as I saw it. Just reminded me of the "largeness" of Left for Dead.

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Perhaps if I had never played CSS so much, I'd maybe enjoy CSGO.