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Hello fellow RTS gamers , specifically those whom use Steam. Have you heard of the recent announcement of Steam Greenlight?

Well I think this service could possibly be used to bring old games(in addition to new ones) to Steam if there is enough interest|

Now I am sure you are aware that Steam does not currently have Age of Empires. Age of Empires 2 or Age of Mythology in its catalog. These games are IMO some of the best of all time. So what I am proposing is using the new Greenlight service to bring these games to Steam ! Does this sound like a good idea? Please give me feedback and tell me whether you think it could happen.

Also please note there might be a slight issue of contacting the publisher to get their game on Greenlight, since Ensemble Studios is now defunct.

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I've already read through Steam Greenlight and seems like a nice idea. I'd love to see some older games on steam. I still actually play skirmish games of Age of Mythology from time to time.
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It is an awesome idea, I would vote for them, but i think the issue about contacting the publisher is really serious:

As reported on the Ensemble Studio blog in late 2008, the company shut down on January 29, 2009. It was also stated that there are at least two new studios being formed by ES employees. In February 2009 former Ensemble Studios head Tony Goodman started a new independent studio, Robot Entertainment, and a number of the existing employees have been offered a position in this company.