I'm a little confused

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#1 Posted by Mister_Mackey (2207 posts) -

I ended up on this board when I clicked on the WWE 12 shared board. It only happened one time though. Now, when I click on the WWE 12 board, it takes me there instead of here.

So I guess my question is - is this board replacing the WWE 12 board or is it only a temporary board until a new WWE 12 board is created?

#2 Posted by -Fromage- (10529 posts) -
The WWE 12 board is still there isnt it? With Xbox and PS3 forums.
#3 Posted by Mister_Mackey (2207 posts) -
Yes, but it's the board that is shared with GameFAQs, and I thought the whole reason for doing this is because Gamespot and GameFAQs are splitting.