If i already have shogun installed will this take less time to install?

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see above.

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are you referring to fall of the samurai? all you have to do is download and done.
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It certainly would have saved you more time not to post this, and just simply install the blerry thing.

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see above.


Some rather helpfull and friendly people around here....

As far as I can tell, Shogun 2 (as Empire before it) will update regardless. Steam will download all DLC (along with patches), doesn't matter if you bought it. I picked up the Rise of the Samurai DLC some time ago and I could play it right away, Steam didn't need to download even a kilobyte more as it was there allready.

There was a big update just before the latest DLC and when Fall of the Samurai was released, my Steam downloaded some 8 or so GB again... I would imagine that was Fall of of the Samurai... I have not bought the DLC as yet. I would imagine that having Shogun 2 allready should make this download smaller as it is a stand alone DLC. I would think those without Shogun 2 will have more to download as the game will use some resources from the base game. Not sure though... noticed your post some time ago, but figured there would be someone to give you a better answer... but seeing how people thrive on being rude and useless... I thought I'll post now anyway:)

Maybe go check on the Steam forums?

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yes for sure it will take less time to install. I have Shogun 2 and all the DLC and it loaded in short order. I apologize for not answering sooner but I am still getting accustomed to the new layout and was out of town for awhile also.