IF ff7s remade should it include whole ultimania storyline

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The one thing about ff7 I don't like is how hard it is to follow the plot...if they included every storyline from the prequels and the actual ff7 , to dirge of Cerberus/advent children would it make the game bbetter or worse? Basically the whole ultimania series in one playable game. Yay or nay?

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Just let it go, man.

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Final Fantasy 7 is Cloud's story after Crisis Core, and nothing else. Plot points for the ultimania obviously should be included, but that's it. Certain characters need not even be mentioned, as they're not relevant to the story.

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Not happening.

Square prefers making shit sequels noone asked for rather than remaking a good game

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I hope not. They would just fuck it all up. Don't touch FF7, unless its a graphical update only

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Jesus fucking Christ. What is it with FF7 fans that they never shut up about that damn game. It was pretty good, but that's pretty much it. After all this time a ton of people still waste their lives talking about it and obsessing over it.

Just let it go already and move on.

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A FF7 remake should just include the same storyline as the original game, add in some random side-quests and materia, GET RID OF THE DAMN DAMAGE CAP AS IT RUINS THE GAME IN THE END, and maybe throw in one new weapon enemy.

If they stuck to that outline, I would be VERY happy.

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How can this game possibly be this good?

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They really should remake FF7 and made it EXCLUSIVE TO PS1.