Ideas for a Battletech strategy game

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I've been a big fan of the Battletech universe for over a decade, and I've been thinking about concepts and ideas for how I think a cool BT RTS would look. I know of course there was the Mechcommander series but that was years ago now and I always thought the BT universe could have so much potential for RTS. The MC series just barely scratched the surface IMO.

I was thinking it woud be interesting if you could choose your faction at the beginning of this hypothetical game, and of course each faction would have strengths and weakness corresponding to the BT universe, like House Steiner having lots of assault mechs but having weak scouting abilities due to their preference for heavier mechs. Or House Kurita would have bonuses to their pilots skill/experience/etc but weaker convential units due their emphasis on mech pilot training over armor/infantry.

Also there would be a Risk-style 'macro' aspect to the game, where perhaps you managed your own marches, provinces, territories in a big map of the Inner Sphere. Perhaps you build up your forces over time and purchased new mech designs or upgrades for your forces, hired mercs, maybe do a bit of commerce or diplomacy with rival Houses. When you want to conquer another factions' territory, that's where the RTS aspect comes into play, perhaps some along the lines of MC2 where you command roughly company sized forces in several battles for a single planet. Also you have to perhaps conquer a few key worlds in the individual territory to completely take it over.

So anyway those were just some of the thoughts I had on what would make a cool BT RTS game. Anyone else have any thoughts or suggestions?