I Want a King of the Hill RPG

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#1 Posted by coolbeans1 (23 posts) -

And I want it made by Bioware, with moral choices and dual-wielding. SHI-SHA!

#2 Posted by BLKCrystilMage (1029 posts) -

Now that's just asinine.

#3 Posted by AlbedoSnake (10383 posts) -

I really wouldn't mind a The Simpsons RPG at all. Maaaybe keep it away from Bioware though. I couldn't believe how bad Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood turned out. :( The game had so many good ideas!... and they were ALL executed horribly!

The last Bioware game that my best friend and I really enjoyed a lot was Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age: Origin before that.

#4 Posted by ShiningMoments (18 posts) -

That would be cool, though I'd rather have it made by Level 5 or Vanillaware or something.

#7 Posted by TheStickMafia (848 posts) -

Why don't you and some friends take that idea up?

#8 Posted by PyreofKoL (5865 posts) -
Eh, it seems to me that King of the Hill would do better as an adventure game. Besides, South Park is already being made into what looks like an awesome RPG, so this would seem derivative unless it was truly over the top.
#9 Posted by GeoffZak (3715 posts) -

Gyat dang RPGs I tell ya what.

That would be so funny.