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really i need help to find the name for one game i can't remember It's japanese rpg game by japanese launguge the game start a little boy with old man on the top of high mountain and the old man ask the little boy to bring a sword or something from a small room where they are sleep . and he tell him the story .. the next day there is some enemy attack them and the old man call the Dragon and ask the boy to jamb on the Dragon to far away and that's what happened the dragon go to the small town or village and the people take care of the little boy when he is coming to 16 years old with some kids in the village they are come the best friend and the Game start playing when the hiding game start and you should find them all after that they will going to the cave in the village and they have a big dragon will have a small baby dragon when she's born you will give a name for a small dragon after that the enemy will attack the Village when the enemy come to the cave they will kill every one only the kids when they come to kill them the big dragon breath the fire and kill them after that the big dragon die here you will start the real Game in the cave when you move to go out from the cave you will attack some animal enemy and learn how to attack and when you go out of the cave you will see the enemy burn your village with some dragon and they kill everyone the hero with his friend they try to kill the strong enemy I think he's the commando of the enemy solider and you will lose the fight with him ..... he will go away with out killing you and your friend team and you will start the game from here to the out world with a small dragon and your team This is the beginning of the game ... in this is game you can use any kind of the weapons and every weapon have lvl and skills you will learn all skills for the weapon when it's come gold color ... and after your dragon come big you will use him to flight and everyone of your team will have a dragon also ... it's really nice Game plz help me to find the name of this game and thank you for every thing
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Maybe Tekken ?
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Ohh no in Tekken don't have weapons, sorry ;)