I'm starting to hate gamers.

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I'm with you TC. Gamers don't appreciate what they have now and days. We have nice looking HD graphics, but if it's 720p, it's crap. We can play with other people from all over the world in the seat of our homes, but we get disconnected once, and we start bitching and moaning like it's the end of the world. Any popular video game is automatically "overrated". We have gamers buying video games based on the opinions of reviewers. Apparently, anything that's not a 9 or 10 is not worth buying. That is why there's been so many great games that did not sell well. That is why THQ is dead now.

It's ridiculous.

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God forbid people have standards. People getting bored of Call of Duty after 11 iterations of the game? The elitists! I could play Call of Duty forever, so they're just snobs! They're obviously just looking for something to bitch about, and have no valid criticisms whatsoever.

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@KHAndAnime said:

God forbid people have standards. People getting bored of Call of Duty after 11 iterations of the game? The elitists! I could play Call of Duty forever, so they're just snobs! They're obviously just looking for something to bitch about, and have no valid criticisms whatsoever.

I think the problem arises when people try to push their opinions on others that enjoy the series or look down on those that enjoy it.

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Summed up the gaming community pretty well. I actually avoid the comments section these days on Gamespot.

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As someone who considers themselves a 'gamer' let me tell you a little bit of my history. 1982 - the year we had our first computer in the house, the first game I remember playing was Canyon Climber.

1982-1987 I mostly played arcade and pinball games at the local bowling alley - with my fondest memories of Black Tiger and Commando, which I'll still play sometimes thanks to Mame and the Capcom Arcade Cabinet.

1987 we also had a different PC that we could use to play Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Police Quest (one of the Sierra "Quest" series, which would also spawn the SWAT series - SWAT 4 being a favorite).

March of 1988 I become a mostly console-centered gamer with a purchase of my NES where I enjoyed many games.

In the 26 years since then I've maintained enjoyment from PC, pinball, arcade and console games. I've also had handheld systems like the original GameBoy, GameBoy Advance SP, PSP and also a couple android devices. I have a PC current enough that I can play games like Crysis 3, TitanFall, Battlefield 3 and 4, and PC happens to be the main place I play multiplatform console releases with a wired 360 controller I've had since 2006, however I do not currently have a WiiU, PS4 or Xbox One, though I may in the future.

To sum all of this up, I consider myself a 'gamer', but I may not fit your description in the first post.

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@HipHopBeats: I love Mass Effect series (Action RPG) to no end. But, Mass Effect 2 & 3 play more like third person shooters than first game & that's weird. I've mixed feelings on trolling. What drives me nuts is gamers play the overrated (let alone use it in a negative term to get other people to agree with the person) card on certain games, have little to no reason why.

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So I replied to a thread on gamefaqs PS3 'am I done with gaming' talking about Breaking Bad and I mentioned that I thought the finale sucked and said why. Right away, some punk user quotes me and posts 'hey moron not everyone has seen the show yet'.

I forgot to put spoiler tags in my post so I went back and edited my post right away. I decided to take the mature route and report the d-bag that called me a moron. Guess what happens?

I get moderated with loss of karma points for posting spoilers and nothing happens to the d-bag who called me a moron. Makes me wonder just how young are the mods on gamefaqs.

I get modded for talking about a tv show on a fucking gaming forum. Even after I went back and edited my post to include spoiler tags. Things like this really make me lose all hope for the gaming community. Turns out the dude who called me a moron already saw the Breaking Bad finale and just wanted to be a d-head.

You can't even engage in a decent debate on game forums without some punk kid or asswipe adult calling you names or looking to report you for something. These soft dudes and little d-bag kids who go around calling people names online would never talk like that to anyone face to face.

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@BigCat2K20: After visiting various gaming forums, I'm starting to see that most hardcore gamers, especially die hard fans of whatever franchise are self entitled d-bags to say the least.

I prefer the combat for Mass Effect 2 and 3 over 1. The main thing I disliked about Mass Effect 3 combat was that stupid weight limit for weapons which affects your power usage. It felt like an unnecessary handicap that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Sure Mass Effect 3's ending sucked but I definitely don't think the series is over rated because of one bad ending. It would be cool if they bought back the RPG elements of Mass Effect 1 for the new Mass Effect but as long as they keep the combat fast paced like in Mass Effect 3, I'd be happy.

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yup, thats most gamers for you. i would avoid forums and turn your mic off and mute everyone

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I can't fucking stand Gamers nowadays. They are always ignorant.

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@k41m: Your absolutely right and that's why I find contentment in playing my Dreamcast. Before PS2 playing games was fun. For some reason after PS2 came out gaming became some political bullshit pass time. I admit I criticize some aspects but overall I think gaming is above and beyond what we should be happy with. I was playing F355 on Dreamcast yesterday and hell it was fun. The controls were tricky but had fun playing. That's when we appreciated gaming. Dreamcast to me will always be considered one of the best consoles because it had games. All of the consoles today are not gaming machines but they are simulators. We don't have games anymore. I like playing games not simulators. Gaming use to be a way to escape. And now it's just another simulation of the real world so there is no escape anymore and that's why people are getting bored.

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I think gamers are getting bored because there's little originality in games these days. There's more games than ever these days, but not much to differentiate them from one another. That right there tells you why there are so many complaints. That's also why people complain about the price of games now. If more games were actually worth the price of admission we wouldn't be hearing all the squeaking.

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@stationplay_4 said:

most video games suck nowadays!

Nailed it!

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@gamerno66666 said:

Dude most of them are just trolling.

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I hate gamers too. I don't even know why anymore.

They just suck.....

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@k41m said:

I'm starting to hate gamers, gamers can never be impressed with ANYTHING there's always a fault to be found no matter what. Play games for the fun of it? To hell with that I'm a gamer. My job is to bitch and moan about a game having shitty graphics and if there's a gun in that game? Call of Duty rip-off of course. Nothing can ever be good enough for me, why doesn't anybody else realize the world revolves around me and what I like? They treat me like a troll or something.

Sorry I kind of went off into a roleplay there. Seriously the majority of gamers I see commenting on gameplay videos or trailers always have something to complain about and if its not exactly how they want it they will just trash it completely, but the funny thing about it is.. most of them ending up buying the game they were trashing 3 months prior!

Oh and if a game they didn't like for whatever reason gets a good review, there is always some kind of in depth conspiracy about why it got a good review. Blargh!

Honestly, if you are the sort of person whose enjoyment of something is diminished because others enjoy it less or not at all you should stay away from game forums.

Game forums tend to be filled with gamers of widely varying tastes and ex-gamers who hate everything and/or talk about how things were so much better in the old days (as a guy who has been gaming since the Magnavox Odyssey, I disagree).

That is a game forum thing and not a gamer thing. Most gamers in real life tend to focus on the games they enjoy and not worry about the rest. We obsessives who worry/talk about industry trends and sales data and speeches and scandals and suchlike are a tiny unrepresentative minority.

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@HipHopBeats said:

I decided to take the mature route and report the d-bag that called me a moron.

Shouldn't I report you for calling people d-heads and d-bags...? ;-P

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Gamers tend to hate each other by default. There are so many different camps - fans of consoles, genres, developers, series' ect that there's always going to be rivalry. You combine that with the internet and there you go...

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@loafofgame said:
@HipHopBeats said:

I decided to take the mature route and report the d-bag that called me a moron.

Shouldn't I report you for calling people d-heads and d-bags...? ;-P

Ah but I mentioned no one in particular!

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@HipHopBeats: I'd still label it as "go around calling people names online". ;-P Anyway, I was just being annoying. I'll stop now.

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Many people on the internet were bullied as children and now they are in a place where they are the 'jocks' and therefore feel the need to dish out negative comments to other people to make them feel better about themselves.

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Since when does anybody like gamers?

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The issue here is that when there is too much of a choice, people start to dig for petty things to moan about and this indeed tends to get annoying. Which is exactly why I prefer sticking to a single title and it’s Numbs for now, a numbers game, https://itunes.apple.com/app/id674456722 , totally free and unknown to most gamers. The best is that it’s free on both the play.google.com store and the App Store! When it comes to playstation.com games, they are just too popular for my taste and bad reviews about titles that I like annoys me to death! htpt://www.metacritic.com/ is surely the home of whiny criticism, crazy!

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i really hates gamers when i am talking about GTA series and they compare about mmo, rpg games...

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it was so much easier when all you had to be impressed by was the latest sega mega drive game :) haha, but I know what you mean - expectations are too great nowadays!

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Back in the days, they join church to tell other people what other people can do and not do. Now days, they join a console side and tell other people what to play and what not to play. In the end, they are feel the need to control other people's life, so they feel like they are doing the right decision.