I can't remember the name of the game

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Hello i will be very greatful if someone can tell me which is this game.

I dont remember much i have played this game 5-6-7 years ago. The game is RPG

The information i remember is that the game was with 3 races : Angels Demons and the third ones were orks,goblins or something like that some green dudes.the other thing that i remember is that the angels had some white big lion looking like mounts and that in the first mision with the demons you and some other demons were escorting a genreral of the demons that was riding a very big creature and that in the first mision with the ggoblin ork like dudes while you were walking you're going in an arena to fight with other creatures of that race or something like that.I have only gotten to the 2 mission with each race cuz the game was rly hard for me at that time.I remember that at the 2 mission with each race you were playing with a stronger character of the race that you chose.That's everything i remember i rly hope that someone can figure out which is this game.

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There is a thread for this that is sticked, you can ask in there