How to find people for gaming

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#1 Posted by Clydefrog92 (172 posts) -

Currently i have no friends how do i find people to play with?

#2 Posted by Heretix_Aevum (4103 posts) -

You're in a pretty good place to find some. If you have specific games in mind to play with others, go to that game's board and try looking there. Meeting people in game is also a good way to do it, it's a good feeling when you happen to run into other likeminded people in a game you enjoy.

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How does one have a need to ask a qeustion like this when one sits in a pool of gamers

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You mean people you can also meet up with? Well, one way would be to schedule a gamer party. Go to a convention. Or if you go to school, or have a job it's definitely worth simply asking people.
You could also try to start conversation with someone shopping at a game store.
But all those things take some courage, so good luck with that.