How my gaming addiction changed...Is this even possible?

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I've entered college a few weeks ago and with it I think I changed a little bit. I now have access to a huge library and I've started reading some interesting books about World War II and English Literature and I was not a fan of reading at all. I play less video games now, to the point of having not touched my PS3 for a week (since I've finished GTA V).

I'm planning on selling my Playstation 3 because there's only 2 games on the horizon that are catching my eye: Assassin's Creed IV and inFamous: Second Son. Well a few months back I was really excited with Deep Down, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 and many others and now I'm not. I still like gaming, but not as close as I usually did.

I'm also getting bored of World of Warcraft, since it's always the same crap over and over again. The thing is that I could be smoking a cigarette or reading a book and watching my brother play a game and feel interested for the game. I still feel interested for games and I like games but I don't like playing the majority of them anymore. Is that even possible? Liking games but not liking to play them?

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Don't sell your stuff. These ups and downs as far as interest in the hobby come and go. Just pack it up and store it. If you're like me and get your passion back in a few years when you hit your mid twenties, you're gonna have to pay big bucks not only for the games, but in the case of PS3, the hardware as well since PS4 is not BC. Seriously, had I kept my games instead of constantly selling and buying on a spur of the moment, I'd have over 100 OG Xbox games, 30 GCN games, about 120 PS2 games, at least 50 PS3 games, almost 100 X360 games, etc.. Many of them really neat games that can not be found elsewhere.

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I woudn't recomend selling it just because you are burnt out on gaming, it happens to all of us at some point. So i would wait and see before you make any rash decision

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Agree with both of the above. Give it time.

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Give it time or just get a PS4 when it comes out.

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i understand where you are coming from. i been feeling less and less excited when i play new videogames or even when i see new games. they just look souless, i mean they look bland and all the same. and its boring me to death i havent touched my ps3 in a month. but i wouldnt sell it. keep it you dont know what could happen

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See, here's the thing. It's not just a gaming machine anymore man. You got Netflix, YouTube, etc. It's an entertainment box man. There's always other stuff to do. I mean, since I have lost much of my free time with work, school/thesis work, social life, and my campus organization it's becoming less important to me. I maybe have like 10-20 hours of solid gameplay a week now. They're enjoyable hours don't get me wrong, but nothing close to the 50+ hour days I used to do in high school. Games do feel less interesting to me as well. Again, but that comes for a few reasons. First of all, I know that I'm buying the games. Anyone who feels that this does not affect how you buy games and how you enjoy games is lying to you. COD becomes legend and DLC packs seem like the dumbest concept ever. Second, it's hard to get invested in a game when you have a 1 hour games session available to you. You just stop caring as much because you can't really reach that high point the younger you could have achieved easily. You don't want to grind for levels or achievements anymore. Also, if this means you're just bored of today's games try a different genre. I've played every type of game known to man. I got into sports games and rpg games. i even tried WoW.

For me, my enjoyment of games has shifted. I watch other people play them on Twitch when I am doing homework or I go online or listen to podcasts or read the forums like I am now. I can't enjoy them like other people I know. I know I can't. I have different priorities now. But I still play them. I still got excited for GTAV and beat it in a week. I still bought and played Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider, and Halo 4. I actually got 1000 Gamerscore for FC3 and Bioshock Infinite. More importantly I burned through some great TV shows on Netflix on my Xbox like House of Cards and Breaking Bad. I didn't have a lot of time for Xbox, but that didn't mean I could not use it. And even if it did mean I couldn't play many games, it's okay. It's okay man.

Bottom line: don't sell your system. Consume games in another way if you can and use your system for something else. Toodles.

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Yes, it is possible. From time to time I lose interest in playing, but watching and reading about games is still entertaining. I guess it's because I can recognize a game looks appealing and fun, but I'm a bit burnt out on playing them myself . I wouldn't sell your system though, it's likely you'll find more games that you'll want to play again.

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@lensflare15: you can only play so many FPS games. Destiny looks good tho.

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It's totally possible to like gaming and not like playing the games as much. You can enjoy watching football, but you don't have to play it. I enjoy watching others play games on YouTube, etc., but playing the game itself isn't always as rewarding.

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I used to like my university libraries... so much so I didn't do my homework, don't make the same mistakes

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i sympathize, i have been like that since i started liking games as a youngling. a considerable portion of my collection was amassed in the hope of enticing my brother to play. i cant say that i dont like games. i would certainly be less likely to sell anything if it was any good. i look forward to playing all that i have, but i might like knowing that i can, more than forging through and carrying on.