How much would you pay?

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Hi! I would like to address a question towards game developers,indie-game devs. or gamers that would like to create their own multiplayer games: How much would you pay for a publishing and hosting service on a server, considering that you would get the platform and the game editor to create your game for free? Do you consider 50 Euro/month a good price? Would you pay that amount or do you think the costs should be lower? Why am I asking? I am working for Gameleon,a web-based platform that allows you to make your own multiplayer browser game or to gamify an activity - but it doesnt require any programming skills on your behalf. We are planning a Kickstarter release the next few days but we've been struggling with setting an affordable price for our services. We want to deliver as much information as we can about our product so that the users will know what to expect. If you want to make a better idea about Gameleon, you can also visit I would like to get your feedback on this, it would really help us plan our campaign better. Have a great day!
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i don't know, probably 5 bucks or something. But i don't host servers