How much should cost me Gameboy Advance Sp nowdays?

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#1 Posted by Jane_22 (678 posts) -

I want to buy the model with the backlit and im looking to buy it from ebay, how much should i spend on an old one?

Is there any places out there where i can find a new one for sale?

As for the games, how hard would it be to find them? i really only want the game and im not a collector.

Thank you.

#2 Posted by JuarN18 (4981 posts) -

The original SP can cost you 20$ or more,the SP+ maybe some 35$ or more

Gameboy advance games are very cheap and easy to find (except some FF games) you shouldn't worry

#3 Posted by JReefer1 (896 posts) -

Since you mentioned that your not a collector I'd go for a used Nintendo Ds, and pay no more than one hundread dollars for one online

#4 Posted by darksongbird (1234 posts) -

I'm guessing anywhere between 25 and 50 dollars, depending on the condition.

I'd recommend buying all of your games (some new, some used) at It's really a trust-worthy site.

If you ever have a problem with someone selling you a phony or not getting your order right, contact amazon directly and I'm sure they will find a way to refund you. They are really good about stuff like that. I've been using the site for over 5 years and don't trust any other more. :)