How many times do you play through a game?

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Me? On average, I play through a game about 3 times. Here is why.

For me, the first playthrough is a learning experience. I learn all the mechanics of the game, play around with them a bit, figure out the structure of the missions and side missions and just where everything is and when it's unlocked, etc... basically, the first playthrough is just a prelude for the second playthrough.

The second playthrough is the best. After learning how to work the game in the first run, I now can balance the missions and content in any way I want. I can create a perfect content and time balance now that I know where everything is and when it is available. The second playthrough is where I spend the most time with the game, where I have the most patience.

Then, there is the third. The third playthrough is usually meant to be the least-serious "just screw and fuck around" playthrough. This is the playthrough that I take least seriously, as I am not trying to make it perfect like the second. This is also when I usually get tired of a game.

So, how many times do you usually play through a game?

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Once then I move on, I will replay games if they were good but normally months or years later.

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However many times I feel like it. I really don't try to keep a tally...or get picky like TC apparently does.

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Most of the time it boils down to how well designed and engrossing the game is.

If a game is uninspired and has factors which constantly interrupt the flow of gameplay (poorly paced and poorly executed cutscenes, setpieces with invisible walls), I usually play through that game only once and later search for the stuff I missed online

On the other hand, if a game is full of great design and has plenty of "soul" put into it, I play through it multiple times, be it for a different approach to the game, fully comprehending the story, perfect runs, trying out the cheats, interpreting the lore and making my own conclusions etc.

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For me it depends on the game. If it is a shooter like Call of Duty of Battlefield I find myself doing only two playthroughs: one on the easiest difficulty getting the collectibles and paying attention to the story, and then the second, and last, on the highest difficulty for achievements.
If it is a story driven game like Skyrim, or Final Fantasy X, I usually play it 5+ playthroughs. The first playthrough can easily be the best and worst. It being the best is because it is the first time you are playing the game, getting to learn the story and concepts. And sadly the worst because you can miss certain things, or do something else wrong and so on. Then the other times are usually playthroughs for when I revisit a game again.

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Depends on the quality and length. Really short games, like old beat'em ups and platformers, all play many many times longer rpgs I'll play through once although if its really good all play it again some time later.

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Depends on the game length really. Usually I'll play FPS and TPS at least 2 or 3 times. Other games such as RPG's I'll just play once.

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Depends how good the game is... and is it engaging enough to warrant numerous play-throughs. Simple as that.

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Depends really, if a game has a good amount of replay value I'll play through it again. I try to get the most out of my games, so it takes me longer to beat the main portion of a game than most people because I spend my time doing all the side quests and finding everything etc....

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I only play a game once no reason to play any game more than that, since i always take my time, even with linear games i don't rush through and take my time exploring and i sometimes restart the game after a the initial first few hours

Also so far there isent one single game worth my time and effort more than for one playthrough.

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If I enjoy a game a lot, I'll replay it over and over as much as I want. Kinda like watching your favorite films over and over.

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@fishysquash15 said:

However many times I feel like it. I really don't try to keep a tally...or get picky like TC apparently does.

Pretty much this. Some games like Streets of Rage, Sonic, and Mega Man, I'll play any time and for hundreds of times, while once is enough for something like Super Meat Boy.

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I'll echo the sentiment that it depends. Many games I can't be bothered to finish, much less play half the way through. Arkham City and TLoU I've each played through nearly 10 times each, completing everything the game has to offer. I know I can add Arkham Knight to that list eventually, and I'll replay TLoU remastered plenty too.

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It varies, though I usually like to get at least 2 playthroughs in, depending on the length of the game and if there's incentive to replay it. Trophies are a big factor, to be honest. Typically, I like to play through a game on Normal first and enjoy it. Then I'll bump up the difficulty, which surprisingly tends to make for a more enjoyable experience since I know the game well enough to get through it more easily, but it's still more of a challenge what with the difficulty being higher.

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@christiangmr14 said:

Depends really, if a game has a good amount of replay value I'll play through it again. I try to get the most out of my games, so it takes me longer to beat the main portion of a game than most people because I spend my time doing all the side quests and finding everything etc....

exact case here.

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3-4 times. 1st time is the learning curve. The next 3 is for trying some things in-game.

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This is actually a good question! i usually play games only one or two times but there are some games which i've played countless number of times and i just keep coming back to them because they're just so darn timeless.

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For me it depends upon the quality of games and also how tough the game was. Most of the time I take at least 2 playthrough. At first time I observe all the difficulties and all about the game background. But the second time I actually play the game with interest, but if I don't like any game in first attempt I don't play it also depends upon how interesting that game was.

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if a games good i'll play it twice as least eventually. Some games though i know i'll never play again once im through with them and i'll toss them out, or delete them forever if they are digital.

But if a games really good, i still won't play it again right after unless it was a really short game. I like to give some time inbetween.

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if it's not half life 2 I play once

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For 90% of the games I've played, I did 1 play through. I find it pointless to play it again just because I'm better at it the second time through,

Then there are games like Infamous, Dishonored, Fable, which offer different options on the second play through (whether those are decisions, activities, alternate endings, different gameplay style), those make me want to play the game one more time.

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It definitely depends on the length. I love all the games that I own, but I haven't got around to replaying some of them because I am busy with other stuff (school, work, etc...). In general, I try to reply long games around 2-3 times. I usually can replay smaller games, like Flower, up to 50 times. I'm pretty sure I've replayed Journey well over 200 times.

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As everyone said. It depends on the game. But now a days I just play a game once and be done with it.

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Usually once, unless its the Mass effect trilogy of course.

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It just depends on the game. Some games I'll play through once and try to get the extra content, others I'll play through multiple times because it's highly replayable. I typically don't replay RPGs since they're always so long but I usually replay action games since they're typically shorter.