How many of You guys get kicked from GTA V online from not doing anything wrong

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Okay, I just literally mind my own business cruise around, doing missions here and there, NOT killing anyone then GETS kick out. Frequently, I'll join Online for few seconds, then to immediatly say that I been kick out by other players. WTF? Do players just camp and wait for people to join so they can kick them out? I hate getting Bad sport status because of this stupid kick abuse or maybe even a bug?

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hasnt happened to me yet
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No, surprisingly not.

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It's a bug (possible DC) I was kicked when I was the only person in the game.

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It's a bug (possible DC) I was kicked when I was the only person in the game.



I guess it's one of their ways to hide their



Time out Locating Session..... Press A even though it doesn't work.

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@zpluffy: Yep im with you Zpluffy its continuously happening to me, just happened again, and i was in the middle of a cut scene with lester and i was kicked.

I have to say I was originally so excited about this game but its just turning to rubbish now.

Even stuck in single player mission where the next mission wont appear on the map..... and thats after the 1.02 update was freezing my ps3 in the loading screen..... Honestly Rockstar you need to pull your finger out and fix these issues. ...

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Just join a crew and play with them and have them host or you host. Problem solved.

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@zpluffy: happens to me all the effing time.

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Happened to me a few times.