How many games do you own and how many of them did you actually finish?

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Poll: How many games do you own and how many of them did you actually finish? (14 votes)

Own 1-10 14%
Own 11-30 7%
Own 31-60 0%
Own 61-100 50%
Finished 1-10 0%
Finished 11-30 14%
Finished 31-60 36%
Finished 61-100 21%
Finished none, waiting for a new game 0%
I am weak! I never finish my games! I just want to own them all! 7%

Back in the golden age of gaming one would save their pocket money for that coveted Monkey Island, Wing Commander or Larry game and play it seemingly for ages.

Nowadays with Steam, Gog and easy online sales the longevity or interest in finishing games seem diminished, or is it?

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I own 6 games on Xbox One. Haven't beaten any, but I don't play games to beat them. I mostly play Madden, Call of Duty, Forza Titanfall and PvZ: Garden Warfare.

I've beaten maybe 9 or 10 games and I traded in all of my 360 and PS3 stuff when I got my Xbox One.

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I don't get how one can have so many games, yet finish a fraction of them. I have a decent number of games that I actually own, perhaps 100 or so including ones I still have from older systems. It'd be easier to count all the games I haven't finished, which is probably in the single digits, assuming we're counting just the games I own. PS+ games that I intend to play actually make up for probably half of my backlog at the moment.

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I have 50+ titles spread across 3 gen 7 consoles. The majority of which on my PS3.I have played and finished a dozen of them. The number would be higher if I had to play the games I own. But I don't. I found 2 great sources of free games 10 minutes from where I live. So I am going to plow through those games before I attack my collection. I finish every game I buy, just not in a timely manner.

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Lol at "golden age" of gaming.

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I've beaten every single game I've ever paid for. The only games I haven't beaten (yet) are those from PS+.

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I have not finished all the games I own yet, but I will. I play several games simultaneously and take my time with them, so I'm always behind and there's always a purchased backlog. But I can't stand not having finished a game I've paid for, so I make sure I'll finish them. Luckily none of my close friends play videogames, so there's noone I have to keep up or compete with.

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Own about 50-60 wii games, have beat about 2/3 of those and am working on beating the others one by one. Have about 10ish vita games and have beat one and am working on others before I buy anything else. I traditionally don't buy more games unless I beat the ones I have

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51 ps3 games (41 physical copies), (10 ps plus games)

10 ps4 games ( 7 physical copies) and 3 indie titles.

5 ps vita games

Right now im averaging about 2 games a month that I beat. But im always playing Battlefield 4 multiplayer so I get distracted.

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I think I own around 500 games at this point. As for finished, I guess maybe two thirds of them. Modern games I can beat pretty easily unless I lose interest, but older games take time to get good at, so I have a lot more of those on my back burner.