How Many Copies of Ni No Kuni: WotWW sell in America?

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Does anyone know how many copies of Ni No Kuni sold in the USA. Apparently it was enough that Level 5 is considering making a sequel. They said the sales of the game in the West was better then expected. Because of the great sales, the chance a sequel will be made is much higher now. Anyone know what the sales were in each region?

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I knew the game was going to be a hit. ONLINE said over 65, 000 in first week so hopefully they will make a second game.
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I REALLY WANT THE NEXT VERSION OF NI NO KUNI I JUST LOVE THOS GAME SO MUCH PLEASE MAKE NI NO KUNI 2 PLEASE I'm sorry if I'm like this I'm just a huge fan of ni no kuni...