How many "2013" games have you played this year?

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Posted by SoNin360 (5561 posts) 1 year, 1 month ago

Poll: How many "2013" games have you played this year? (25 votes)

Less than 5 52%
5-10 12%
11-15 12%
16-20 4%
More than 20 20%

As in, games that were actually released this year. I was just thinking about this for some reason, and came to the realization that I've only actually played 3 games from 2013 so far, 4 if you count that bonus episode of The Walking Dead, which I guess I wouldn't.

Still, it's been a relatively productive gaming year for me as I've played well over 20 "new" games in addition to returning to a few older ones. Most of these games were 2012 games, especially ones that released in the later half of the year. Oftentimes it feels like I'm a good 6-12 months behind on playing new releases.

Anyway, I'm just curious as to how well others keep up with playing new games. I see people making "Top 10 2013 Games" lists, and I can't even make a freaking top 5 list.

#1 Posted by sukraj (23176 posts) -

Metro Last Light


#2 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72944 posts) -

i think its between 5 and 10 games

#3 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (6626 posts) -

likely in the 11-15 area, it was a decent year, but even I could feel the anticipation for new hardware had let some of the air out of the ballon for the general gaming press.

The games this year was not really worse then other years, but everywhere you look you can almost taste the fatigue, and sadly? The "new" gen shapes up to be more of the same for the big Publishers.

#4 Posted by marcheegsr (2903 posts) -

Around 10.

#5 Posted by Tokeism (2340 posts) -

About 25, I am including expansions

#6 Edited by bowchicka07 (1075 posts) -

Like 2. Lol I'm so behind on my gaming. I'm still playing games that came out in 2012 and 11 and of courses a few classics from time to time. I'm trying to catch up but I'm somewhat of a completionist on games so it's a never ending battle.

#7 Edited by Zen_Light (1281 posts) -

Around 30.

#8 Posted by chicknfeet (15629 posts) -

Maybe 5? It hasn't been that many. I tend to jump on games that will take me a few months to finish.

#9 Edited by Jacanuk (4952 posts) -

Not as many as i would have liked , most indies i have played since they are short and pretty quick to get past in one session.

The AAA titles i think i have completed perhaps 3-4

#10 Posted by benleslie5 (7899 posts) -

I would say around 11-15 on 2013 games

#11 Posted by Jackc8 (8500 posts) -

Gran Turismo 6 and...and...well less than 5 anyway. I've got Ni No Kuni, The Last of Us and Batman Arkham Origins under the Christmas tree though.

#12 Posted by Netret0120 (2255 posts) -

3 only. I only buy 3-5 games a year so sounds about right.

#13 Posted by bob_toeback (11267 posts) -


Unless demos count, then about 4

#14 Posted by Zijuun (93 posts) -

20 +? Sheeet. Get. A. Life.