How long does it take GameFly to ship out the games?

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#1 Posted by starwa1ker (213 posts) -

It says on My Q that they already shipped it out on 6/1/2009, is it like Netflix which it comes in 1 or 2 days at most?

#2 Posted by bubble-wrap (492 posts) -

It usual takes me about three sometime even four days to get the game after they ship it out. Netflix is a faster because they have a whole bunch of shipping centers but gamefly only has three.

#3 Posted by SavageM2 (10800 posts) -

It depends how close you are to a shipping center.

#4 Posted by zgamer8 (10 posts) -
live about an hour from one how long should it take me to get mine. i am assuming if you live in the state, florida texas, or new york it would be really fast. they shipped red faction today (this morning acually) and i will let you know when i get it.