How does your second playthrough of Mass Effect 1 affect Mass Effect 2?

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Ok, I have been replaying Mass Effect 1 before I buy Mass Effect 2 because I originally beat the game in a 3 day span when it first came out. Naturally, I had forgotten a lot of the details and I had forgotten almost all of the choices I made. I decided the best course of action, from a storyline perspective, was to just restart completely from level 1. I did so and enjoyed my second character as much as the first. Once I finished that, I decided I was going to playthrough a second time with my old character from the first time I played. Now, all I pretty much remembered was that my old character was a Renegade, so I decided to go paragon with the second character. My real question here is, do the choices I make in my second playthrough with my original character change the outcome of anything in Mass Effect 2? Or are all the choices I made the first time I played through the ones that will be locked in and transfered over to Mass Effect 2?

Much appreciated.

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When you start Mass Effect 2 you'll get a choice between all your careers from Mass Effect 1 so it won't matter. Just pick which ever you want.

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Ah wait reread your post again and now I understand it proper. =p

Having a second playthrough with the same character effectively starts it from scratch (but with your gear, skill and level/XP intact). All your decisions are wiped clean and your new choice will be brought forward to ME2.

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Ok, fantastic. Thank you very much! Not only helpful, but it's also the answer I was hoping to hear :D