How do you feel when you beat a game?

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#1 Posted by mystery323x (1377 posts) -
When i beat a game i feel good for like a minute then i feel bad cause im like..WOW its over.
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When i beat a game i feel good for like a minute then i feel bad cause im like..WOW its over.mystery323x

I get a feeling of "that's another notch on my belt". I take pride in beating a game.

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When I beat a game I just try and beat any side missions left over. Unless of course it is a depthless game with no other fun stuff left to do and if it is a free roamer or a sandbox that is the point when I cheat if possible. I only uses passcodes and cheats after I beat the game

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I get a "mission accomplished, that's another in the hole" feeling.

I very rarely complete a game 100%.

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I feel a huge sense of relief. Beating a game is a huge accomplishment for me.
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Depends on the game. Most of the time I play a game for online play, so if I'm actually playing the story I ethier get a OMG type of feeling like in MGS4, or a I beat this game in literally 3 hours (thank god I only rented Heavenly Sword). lol in all honesty it just depends on the game/ending- whether its a cliff hanger or actually a good one.
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If the game was good, I feel happy to finish it and all is well. Some games just have crap endings and when you get to the end your pissed off at how they ended it all. Some of my most favourite games suffer from some really forgettable endings.
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but it feels good to complete a game thats taken so much of ur tym.

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Yes!! Yes!! At last! At last i beat u ..Yea! Yea! Lol i really do that specially after a tough fight which most of the time take almost all of my HP...after hard time to level up everything . Feel happy feel good feel .
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To be honest, for me I've never beaten a game in my life with the exception of two. Custom Robo and Freedom Fighters. Custom Robo was darn easy so I beat it in a few hours. Freedom Fighters I had to rely heavily on FAQs, Walkthrough/guides, and lots and lots of cheats. I pretty much mowed down the game with the bazooka and infinite ammo cheat. Once I beat it, I felt "Man, maybe I shouldn't have used cheats after all. But then again, if I didn't use cheats, I would still be stuck on the second level." (yes I suck at games that much).
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It depends on how good the game was and how the ending is, after playing a good game but seeing a bad ending I feel a bit annoyed
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If the game is hard..the feeling is lke making a game winning shot in basketball.

If the game is easy or boring...its like beating an opponent by 30+ points.

If the game has a wonderful story...a mix of joy (because it's a great story) and sadness (because it's over).

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A big sense of accomplishment
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i feel like ill play it again and again crap i beat it 3 times
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I feel like...reading off the credits very loudly clapping and making comments on how well each person did thier job. If the game was a long and formidable adversary than i feel a small sadness for my foes defeat. Then i feel crappy for not having another game to play or for having too many more games to play
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I feel ecstatic at first but then sad that its all over.

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i FEel like another battle just ended and another story and adventure yet needs to unfold, yeah i feel great and will be dancing to the ending credit role singing along "who's your daddy now" even if the song has no lyrics like that, but when it over rest asure another andventure awaits, trust me me i did it about more than 100 times
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When i beat a game i feel good for like a minute then i feel bad cause im like..WOW its over.mystery323x

[QUOTE="mystery323x"]When i beat a game i feel good for like a minute then i feel bad cause im like..WOW its over.Jade_Monkey

I get a feeling of "that's another notch on my belt". I take pride in beating a game.

when I beat my own game I feel sad, like omg its over. Also pride and accomplishment. when I beat my friend's games, its like, "great now I thats another trophie for me

#19 Posted by artaferno (25 posts) -
I feel good for a while then I realise it's over and maybe start again.
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It depends on the game.

I'll use Ocarina of Time as an example for how I felt whenI beat it.

First time I had completed that game a long time ago was a great feeling. The story was very good. Some epic boss battles, very satisfying and epic final battle. When it was over I felt good.. because of the type of game it was I felt it was kind of a big accomplishment (I was young). But then it got a little sad, because now it was over. Sure there were things to do on the side, but if a game's story is great, doing the side stuff doesn't compare.

So all in all, I felt very good at first, then I started to actually feel a bit sad. To be honest I did not want that game to ever end heh.

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A game with a great story makes me feel the same as a book when I finish reading it, enlightened to a point.
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Depends on the length and difficulty of the game. The longer and harder it is, the better I feel about myself.
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I feel ecstatic at first but then sad that its all over.


Ya same here. =/
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Depends on the game. During the end of some games it drags on and Im just glad I can put it away. But with a game like Chrono Cross it is depressing coz you want more. It's kinda like breaking up with a chick, you got that void that needs to be filled

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I've only beaten one game in my life, but I'm about 2 battles away from finishing Luminous Arc :D!

I felt really good because it was the only game I've beaten, but I was a bit sad :(

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When i beat a game i feel good for like a minute then i feel bad cause im like..WOW its over.mystery323x

Same here. However, if the boss was tough, the ifnal one, I feel the goodness for a couple of days

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depends on the game, last game I beat was MGS3 and the ending made the game for me and even though I was happy I beat it I wished it kept going.
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Well it depends on the game, but for the most part I feel like I accomplished something. Some games i go back to if i loved it alot. Others never see the light of day again. But I always try to beat all my games, except for most of my ds and psp games, i can never complete them lol. Beating a game for me is like finishing a book; I got some knowledge and entertainment out of it.
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Well i just beat MGS 4 last night, and i felt so good to beat it, but after the ending was over i was upset because.
1. i don;t have anything to look forward to when i get out of work
2. it was such a good game, i wished it never ended
But i just started my second playthrough today. So im still going to have fun with the game, but nothing is going to be like first time beating it, or any game for that matter.
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I usually feel awesome. Unless the ending was a cliff hangar then its more dissapointing at first, and then excited, because there will be a sequel.
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I feel very good usually unless the game has an unsatisfying conclusion
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Nothing really, I beat games all the time. It's not a big deal to me unless it's really hard.
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Four categories:

1. Happy because I beat it. I feel proud I beat it. Especially if it's a really hard game.

2. Relieved because it's finally over...usually a game I didn't enjoy as much or a game that got tiring after awhile. Want it to get it over with.

3. Angry if the ending wasn't worth it. Cliffhanger endings, set-up for sequels, or just a shallow ending with no loose ties cleaned up.

4. Than there are times where the game is so good, I actually felt sad and a little void when I finished it. It doesn't happen that much but it does make me feel like a real geek and a loser for awhile because a game devoured my life for a moment and actually made me feel empty instead of glad I passed it. Good thing it doesn't happen too much.

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Some games I'm just glad they are done and others I wish there was more. With my PS2, I had little motivation to beat any games and I'm not really proud of that. When I got my 360, I made a promise to myself that I would start a game and finish that game. Only if a game really turned me off would I stop.
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Depends on the game.

I can feel the joy of finaly beating/completing it or the sadness of it ending (due to a good story, gameplay)...If I absolutel loved it, I will play it again if there is more to play or the gameplay itself is addicting enough to demand replayability.

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It depends. If the game took a long time, I want the system to start spewing out money for the hours and hours of my life I spent beating it and which I will never get back again. What do I usually get? Forced to watch the half-hour long credits, that's what I get! Still, you do feel as if all that time you spent was for something, depending on how good the ending is.
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Relieved & sense of accomplishment ie: Ninja Gaidens and GOW on hardest levels, but with MGS4 I didn't want it to end, was sad when it was over, because that's it for Snake after all these years.
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i wasted my time for this! No matter how good it is