How did you start gaming?

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#51 Posted by Goyoshi12 (9687 posts) -

I started by playing games.

#52 Posted by The_Last_Ride (70539 posts) -
I started with gameboy and tetris
#53 Posted by GhettoBlastin92 (1148 posts) -
My parents bought be an original gameboy with Mario world, Wario and Bomberman. I was hooked.
#54 Posted by bowserjr123 (1624 posts) -

It all started with Mario Kart 64 for me.

#55 Posted by sukraj (22089 posts) -

My dad got a ZX spectrum for the family back in 1983 odd when i was about 10 .

horace goes skiing is forever a golden moment.


I remember playing on my zx spectrum happy days.

#56 Posted by Kemonojin (59 posts) -
My father loved playing video games with me when I was younger. It was a few years later that he gave me his systems to begin my own collection.
#57 Posted by milesxx92 (6 posts) -
Haha this thread makes me miss my old gameboy and sega genesis. Man good times.
#58 Posted by lilasianwonder (5962 posts) -

Got a Super Nintendo for Christmas when I was a kid.

#59 Posted by jsmoke03 (12734 posts) -

saw my cousin playing the famicom(nes) so i bought one the next week

#60 Posted by Johacamigames (64 posts) -
Watched my cousin's god-brother playing Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 on his PS2.. watched for hours and got it on my first Christmas including the PS2, haven't looked back since then.
#61 Posted by MonoSilver (1525 posts) -
Christ it makes me feel really old when people say they started gaming on the PS1 or even the PS2 when I started on an Amstrad computer with a green screen. I'm only 24!