Horror game Halloween project! NEED HELP! PLEASE READ!

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Okay so I was thinking this Halloween I could get a bunch of friends together and play a bunch of scary games. I was going to start out with something not that scary like Alan Wake or something and build our way up untill we get to the scariest one. So this is where you come in. I need you to make suggestions on the games we will play. BE CREATIVE! If there was just one part in a game that freaked you out then even though the game wasn't a horror game, go ahead and put it down! I need all the suggestions I can get! There are a few rules.

1: No very strong language: A little language is fine but I don't want the f-word said every other sentence.

2: No sexual material/nudity: Please try not to suggest games with this in it.

3: Please only suggest games from these systems: Nes, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation One, Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation 2, Wii, Xbox 360, and Gameboy.

4: Please don't suggest games like Doom and Resident Evil: Although they have their moments I don't want these games in my "playlist"

Okay there is one more thing I want you to do, when you suggest your games rate them from least scariest to most scariest. Here's an example:

1: Fatal Frame <- Most scariest

2: Silent Hill

3: Clocktower

4: Alan Wake <- Least scariest

The reason I want you to do this is because I need to do the averages for each games place.

Also I need you to tell me about the content in these games:

Clock Tower 1-3

Silent Hill 1-3

Alone in the Dark


Thank you in advanece!

One more thing, when i get enough replies I'm going to post the averages so you guys can use the list if you want to!

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Dead space. I'd give it a rating of silent hill. But if you want it to be really scary have some one who's just wild and rushes into things and don't let the overly cautious play, it isn't as scary if your over cautious.
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Forbidden Siren - Siren in the USA = this game is different in a japanese village and has some very creepy parts. one of thescariest video games IMO.

Silent Hill 2 - my favourite game because of the open world, several endings, and many places you can go. it is quite creepy on many occasions the PS2 version is slightly better than the PC but the PC probably has better graphics.

Silent Hill 3 - the story is better but the plot isn't quite as good. it is creepier to many because you have the girl being stalked and chased.

the absolute scariest game is Haunting Ground for the PS2 because you can not use weapons you must evade and hide.

this is the one true survival horror game. when you do finally win there is a real feeling of accomplishment (and a new clothes)

Fatal Frame 3 ghosts and using a camera instead of a regualr weapon makes it a challange.

Kuon if you can find this game it is a treat to take an excursion back to medieval Japan in a game that is similar to both Clock Tower and Fatal Frame.

Yin and Yang fight the supernatural with summons and ... there are sisters but explaining more gives away too much. The game is both interesting and unique.

I highly recommend all of these games.

Game and its creepy factor

Haunting Ground 10/10

Siren/Forbidden Siren 8.5

Silent Hill 2 8

Shilen Hill3 7.5

Kuon 7

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I'd like to thank both of you (even though I can't play Dead Space) I'll be sure to check those out.

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I hope you enjoy the games - I forgot to mention Kuon and Haunting Ground may have become a tad more expensive than the average game because they are so darn good and have become harder to find recently.

The PS2 is still the best system for horror games and has an awesome library available that will keep you in goose bumps.

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Amnesia the dark descent FTW! :))