Holiday gaming??

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What gaming did everyone get up to over the festive holidays? Did you receive that new ps4 you were after and spend most of Xmas shut in your bedroom playing kill zone to death? Or maybe you dusted off the old wii remotes and balance board so everybody could laugh at nana pretending to ski.

I know I've done both in my time.

Did Santa bring you the game you asked for? Or we're you slightly disappointed like myself?

I'm genuinely interested in all replies so please, discuss.

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My brother got me Cod ghosts for Christmas. I have bf4,ac black flag, nfs rivals, killzone and fifa 14 already so there wasn't really any other game besides ghosts.

It's not bad. The campaign is pretty good. Online I only play search and destroy because its more tactical. Can't stand the other modes.

Iv'e also been putting my ps3 to good use. Been playing Gran turismo 6 and just finished Binary domain that I got free from ps plus. The PS3 is still such an awesome system.

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Me and my sister got our own 250GB Xbox 360 for $150. We bought it with gift cards, and it came with Batman Arkham City and Darksiders 2. Last night, I also bought MadWorld for $10. I'll be buying some more games soon. Yup, we have lots of games to play.

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I don't know many good games on either xbox one or ps4, doesn't seem to interest me, the only one i considered getting is "Star Wars Battlefront" on "Xbox One", but since it is only one game, then i dont plan to buy next gen yet :)

But cool that you had fun though :)

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@marcheegsr: I'm still getting tons of use out of my ps3 with most games being cross generation. And it's set to carry on well into next year as we'll with the likes of watch dogs, metal gear solid v, and destiny all available on ps3.

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I got a xbox one for xmas along with fifa 14, dead rising 3 and ryse.

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I'm visiting my parents for the week, so I don't have access to my gaming PC or any of my consoles. So instead I've been reliving my childhood glory days by playing Wing Commander on my laptop.

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Pfft! Gifts!

I spent my time enjoying the wonderful white christmas in San Andreas. Instead of lumps of coal, I was delivering lumps of lead to all the bad boys and girls with bounties on their heads.


EDIT: No fair! How am I supposed to post images nowadays?

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Just AC4 for me. Been loving it.

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Got WWE 2K14 and Batman Arkham Origins.

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Need for speed Rivals. Fun game.

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Got £50.00 worth of PSN money so got some stuff in the sales

Persona 4 for £15.00 Dragon age for £4.00 and Street Fighter 4 Ultra combo something or other arcade version for £4.50.

Still also have not played DMC4 and Borderlands 2 which hit PSN+ on the 24-Dec.

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Assassins Creed Black Flag, Forza 5, Madden 25, Deadrising 3, Halo Spartan Assault & Batman Arkham Origins. :)

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Aiming to get a PS4 maybe sometime in March. For the moment, I'm renting games through GameFly, trying to conquer some of my backlog in a cheap manner. I do have Dishonored GOTY edition coming in the mail as a late Christmas gift, so I look forward to playing that at some point.

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@SoNin360: my ps3 back catalogue is ridiculous. Still haven't finished gtaV or bioshock infinite. And still haven't even played tlou, dishonoured, far cry 3 and a few more I want to try.

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I got my zombie kill count in Dead Rising 3 up over 300k.

I got my PS4 on Christmas Day

Later on Christmas Day I discovered that my televisions second HDMI port is busted.

The PS4 still sits in its box while I search for a solution.

I have killed no zones.


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Got PS4 for Christmas and I haven't been able to play it as of yet. I got COD, BF4, and KZSF. So it looks like January is going to be an exciting month. Retired the Xbone already though.

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@RimacBugatti said:

Got PS4 for Christmas and I haven't been able to play it as of yet. I got COD, BF4, and KZSF. So it looks like January is going to be an exciting month. Retired the Xbone already though.

why no play xbox one

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I got Super Mario 3D World and Lego Batman 2 for the Wii U.

My brother got a PS4 from his girlfriend.

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@sukraj: Forza 5 was ok but I became bored. I think I may wait until Titanfall comes out since it's looking to be a better game than anticipated. Right now I'm just waiting for Driveclub and Uncharted. Forza 5 was the best handling racer of all time and the Xbone controller is outstanding but I can only set up one system at a time due to lack of room. I may end up switching back but Idont know yet.