Help Revive Bang Howdy. Real Time strategy in the old west!

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Hello there everyone, I am here today to ask for all the help we can get to bring back one of the most awesome real-time strategy games that I have personally ever played. This game is set in the old west and allows players to play ranked pvp or unranked pvp, pve. The game also introduces a gang vs gang method where teams of players go up against each other to rule to the game. However the company which developed this game suddenly stopped all its development and updates in 2010. There was no news or answer as of what happened and so hundreds of players were forced to quit overtime due to lack of updates,bug fixes and overall game advertisement to get newer players. Now after two years, older players are attempting to revive the game by gaining awareness about it in hopes of three rings responding or help from other gaming companies/corporations. All we need from the users here are to help gain awareness and show three rings that there are still players and people who are willing to continue on the journey of the game. Join us on reddit: Thank you all for your help and hope to see you around!