help me choose an RPG

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i'm looking for a good story, lots of cut scenes, and abundant and unnecessarily flashy and over the top specials and magic spells(think "knights of the round" from ff7).

that last part is probably the most important to me btw, if the magic and specials don't make me go wow then i usually cant finish the game.

choose from: FF6, FF8, FF9 or wild arms 2

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i'd recommend Wild ARMs 2, great story, imo.
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I think you would be surprised by Dust: An Elysian Tail. It is the final release this year from XBOX Summer of Arcade August 15, 2012.

In depth story, lots of cutscenes with 40 voices, amazing visual world, takes 10 to 20 hours to finish all, and costs $15 on XBOX Live Arcade, instant download.

Has a composite review score of 87 on N4G reviews, and 83 on Metacritic, basically has over a hundred rave reviews.

Many reviewers suggested this: 2008 Braid, 2009 Shadow Complex, 2010 Limbo, 2011 Bastion, 2012 Dust: An Elysian Tail

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Why not just play them all. There all really good story-wise, not to mention the gameplay lol.

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If youre looking for spell animations, ff6 isnt your best bet, due to the fact that its originally an SNES game, but i am playing it right now first time through (28 hours in so far), and its a great game overall. FF8 i used to like alot when i first played it, but i played it again a year ago and didnt like it that much. The animations are pretty good, but i usually go through the game not using magic or summons at all because the limit break system is easily exploited and there really isnt much of a point. I spent hours on triple triad though, partly because you need to play it for the game to be a LOT easier, but its fun too. FF9 is my favorite FF, but some people don't like it for reasons unexplained. Its really underrated, and it came out in the U.S. after the PS2 was released here, so it didnt gather as many sales as 7 or 8, but it has everything that you would want in a Final Fantasy game. I cant give an opinion of Wild Arms 2 because I havent played it, but play all of them and see which one you like best.
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I was going to suggest Skyrim because people usually prefer either good combat, or good story but Skyrim's combat sucks. Dragon's Dogma has nice combat but not much story, maybe try Fable 2, it's kind of old but it has what you are looking for. DONT play Fable 3 its crap.