Help Guildhall students Beta test a horror game: Kraven Manor

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Hi guys! I'm a student at The Guildhall at SMU. Throughout this semester, a team of 13 student developers have been working on Kraven Manor, a first-person horror/exploration PC game. We're in our last two weeks of development now and I'm trying to get friends and fellow gamers to playtest our current build over this weekend. We're torrenting the beta build here. So I ask any of you kind Gamespotters to download and seed if you have a moment. The game itself takes under an hour to play. There's no hidden stuff or evil trickery within, it's just a build and a link to an online questionnaire (for which getting responses is our main goal here.) There are still known bugs, but I hope you'll enjoy yourselves! It's a horror game, so of course playing in a dark, quiet environment makes it a bit better. If you have the means to Youtube record your reactions and post here or contact me with them (, the team is setting aside time for watching. My sincerest thanks! I'll keep an eye on the thread and if there are any comments or questions, I'll try to be prompt in my reply.