Have you ever taken notes while playing a game?

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Not so much now because most games you need to take notes on are PC puzzle games like Still Life which is an amazing game but the puzzles are super solid which require me to bring out my trusty pad and pen, but reality is, the more we keep going the more games are becoming alot more dumbed down to keep the ordinary gamers happy, plus most games which would require you to right things down, now already caculate what you need to know by the time you come to that section.

no only game u need notes for are long as repetitive JRPGs.

Everything else is bat shit easy.

#52 Posted by AdrianWerner (27985 posts) -

Yes. A lot of harder adventure games require it. The first time I did it was for Myst. The most recent example where I took notes was Year Walk.

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Older point and click games like Leisure Suit Larry, Hopkins FBI, Maniac Mansion.

Mostly clues and what I was going to do next in the game before I jumped out of it so I wouldn't walk around thinking " Where was I going again" when I picked it up again later on.

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Virtue's Last Reward

Passwords for the bombs and stuff that I thought could be passwords or logins for the computers. Also solved some of the puzzles on paper.

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I made maps for old text adventures.

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I remember taking notes for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when i was younger. I don't quite remember what for...

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I might youtube or google certain things I can't find like boar locations for Far Cry 3. Puzzles or riddles like Tranquility Lane in Fallout 3, I usually have fun solving those on my own.

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For an archaic puzzle game sure. Other than that, when I play my association in NBA 2k13, I'll sometimes use my LCD tablet (lol, pen and paper are a thing of the past), to note potential trades and such, or some miscellaneous changes to the rotation I need to make, but I only do that because micro-managing an association is rather tedious and 2k doesn't really offer a good way to do it in the game.

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In Silent Hill 1 there was that sign if the zodiac puzzle where you had to match a sign with the numbers. The internet was down so I broke out 2 dictionaries to get the zodiac calendar and when putting the number of the month to the sign didn't work I broke out paper and pencil and started doing all of these complicated math problems and drawing lines matching different signs in the dictionary. I also looked up each sign to get the definition. I had no clue what the puzzle wanted me to do. An hour later I realized I just had to count how many legs/limbs the sign had. I felt so incredibly dumb. I guess that's the closest I came to taking notes.

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All the Civilization games. Things get complicated on huge maps with max civs.

Total War games, keeping track of my what I want each general to do.

I play IL2: Stumovik full real which means no map. I'm using a stopwatch and watching my speed to find waypoints. I write down how far I have to go for whatever waypoint in whatever direction (ie, 132km nnw to river branch -> 57km w to shore, etc.)

And of course those damn locker codes in Doom3.

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PRO TIP: Search Wildstar in Youtube. Play like a pro, this game's deep yo!

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@behardy24: fallout new Vegas, just had to make notes of where lock picks and computer hacks were located, so I could come back once I had reached the skill level to attempt a unlock them.

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Actually an Exiled, see you outside in the battlefield .. DOMINION to rule this game :)

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Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall. Only because it didn't have an auto journal system so i had to write down most quest locations in order to remember it. ANNOYING! Great game though.

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@behardy24: fallout new Vegas, just had to make notes of where lock picks and computer hacks were located, so I could come back once I had reached the skill level to attempt a unlock them.

Did you remember finding anything worthwhile behind the locks and computers? I remember seeing a number of high level hackable things when going through New Vegas many times, but never going back and seeing what they contain.

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I usually write down passwords for games like Deus Ex

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have to take notes for Wildstar new content, they have patched a lot this days which is good! totally digging in the new content

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Yeah , Silent Hill.Among many others, there was this piano puzzle at the school in SH 1 and a light bulb puzzle in the theater in SH : Origins which basically were almost impossible to solve without writing down stuff.

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Yeah, all the time when I was a kid. More recently I note was for Skyrim. I wrote down places that had the words of power (shouts) that I still hadn't discovered.

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Many times. All the Myst games. Many old-school RPGs. Recently Divinity: Original Sin.

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Well yes! especially for the bloody GTA 4 strangers which the game simply doesn't tell you where they are or if you have met them early in the game.

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Nope, never...

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Never used the infamous "notes" page myself. This is the Internet, though, so I do have lots of wikis within close reach.

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@behardy24: I'm doing it now with Divinity original sin writing down quest highlights so i dont forget and Elite dangerous I am writing down the most profitable trade routes.

The funny thing is this is the first time I have done this in years yet I am doing it with both games I am currently playing :p

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I think I wrote down some notes for a puzzle before. Can't remeber the game though.