Has anyone played this game?

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You join as a citizen of your country and can fight in wars, start a political party or military unit and rise to the top. At the moment there is a World War, the USA is being invaded by the UK, Serbia and Poland! Your country needs you! http://www.erepublik.com/en/referrer/F.+Scott
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It sounds cool ! but I never played this game any before. well, I like riot games specially to play league of legends. My friends are fond of this game. We have a huge group network playing this game against other summoners. Currently I am playing with Caitlyn champion searching looking for best items for her from elohell.net to kill them with one shot! You help will help me to win the game.
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Try this one out as well: http://esimsecura.com/lan.79366/
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Wow ! Never heard of that game ! But it look so cool ! I will try that right now.
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No i didn't paly this type game but i have played http://www.maddenrevealed.com/eguides game it's really easy to play.

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I tried looking for it, but it can't find info. It sounds super interesting though. Let me know if you find it!
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O woops. I see the link now. Trying it out.