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I've read several articles online but can't find the answer. First off halo 3 and odst. What is the difference. I know the campaign is but what about the multilayer. Does odst have any maps or guns online that halo 3 doesn't. And then halo combat evolved anniversary, does it have online. I heard it does but it's the same online as Another halo game. Can some1 explain the situations here, I'll appreciate it. Thanks.
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ODST's multiplayer IS Halo 3's multiplayer. ODST has a different campaign and a new mode called Firefight but then comes with a separate disc that is Halo 3's multiplayer mode. It's like popping in the Halo 3 disc but you can't play the campaign.

Halo Anniversary has Reach's multiplayer but only the maps recreated from the original Halo. If you play off the Halo Anniversary disc you can only join Reach games with those playlists and you don't get the complete Reach game.