Guild Wars 2: Reviews Come Out Too Fast, Again

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#1 Posted by Beagle_san (30 posts) -

Once again, we're seeing a detestable trait: "Professional" review sites issuing reviews on an MMO on the date of release, or just a very few days after. Now, this isn't a comment on the qualities of GW2. It might well deserve the ratings it received. But such rapid reviews of an MMO are utter and complete BS. Oh, sure, there was early admittance. But for a select group (an extremely large select group, but nontheless, this wasn't the entire general public).

What were' getting is a review based on Beta testing, and that's not an accurate review at all.

These are irresponsible "reviewers" This doesn't apply to fans on this site, who can raise or lower their review scores as their experience dictates.

I understand why it happens: The scoop has likely been around since caveman days when it comes to spreading stories and news. But no professional review site can be considered a professional review site if it releases an MMO game review based on such limited game exposure to the general public. Indeed, MMOs take weeks to fully explore, and can even take longer for some flaws to become readily apparant.

Some games can be quickly reviewed. Not MMOs.

Consider SW:TOR, how many quick reviews came out, even, laughably, garnering a "Game of the Year" award from that powerhouse source of all things gaming, MSNBC. Yet only little more than half a year later, the game's lost a minimum of 2/3rds to more than 75% of the gamers who tried it. All those glowing positive reviews clearly didn't reflect what the playerbase felt about the game.

GW2 might well deserve the high grades its received, but not from sites that suffer from premature reviewlation.

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Reviews could come out shortly after release, if they are "first impressions" type reviews. I agree, a few days is a little short to explore all of GW2 for a proper review.